10 Things to Look for in New Construction

When purchasing a New Construction Home, there are a few things you want to be sure to look for prior to your purchase.10 Things to Look for in New Construction

#1 Customization Options

Nearly all New Construction homes will come with customizable options. Knowing what options are standard, semi-custom, or full custom is important in understanding the cost of your home. Make sure that all upgrades and costs are put in writing so that both parties both the builders and you as the buyer are protected and on the same page.

#2 Construction Timing

If the New Construction home is not yet complete, or you opt to add extras and/or upgrades, be sure you understand the time it will take to finish construction or upgrades. This is not something that happens overnight so being in the loop on timing is key.

#3 Builder’s Reputation

Make sure when purchasing New Construction Homes that you look into the builder. You always want to be sure you are purchasing a home from a reputable builder with both experience and good reviews.

#4 Budget

It is easy to get lost in the bells and whistles of a New Construction Home. When choosing a home and adding customizable options, be sure not to get carried away and end up with a home that is out of your personal budget. Set boundaries and budget caps prior to looking at your upgrade options to ensure you don’t overdo it.

#4 Familiarize yourself with the Home Warranty

New Construction Homes will often come with limited warranties. This may not cover everything you expected so be sure to read through your warranty thoroughly. You have the right to ask for changes as well as credits toward your purchase should you not be happy with the warranty “as is.”

10 Things to Look for in New Construction #5 Energy Efficiency

New homes are generally more energy-efficient than older homes, be sure to look into prospective energy reports and ask for any data the builder has on prospective energy costs.

#6 Appliance Life Expectancy

If your New Construction Home comes with appliances or HVAC systems, ask about the life expectations, while new appliances will save you repair bills within the first few years, you want to ensure that all of your appliances won’t go out at the same time, make sure the life expectancy is staggered to help plan for future repairs or replacements.

#7 Home Inspections

Regardless of a New Construction Home, don’t fall into the trap of not having a home inspection completed. Inspections are just as important in New Construction Homes as they are with older homes.

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#8 Health Risks

Be sure to discuss potential hazardous materials used during the build. Are there any chemicals that could be leaked during construction? Hazardous materials? Also make sure there are no contingencies within your buying agreement stating the builder is not responsible for health problems related to the build.

#9 Ask About Incentives

Oftentimes New Construction Homes offer buyers a list of incentives with their purchase. Be sure to ask if there are any incentives being offered. You may not receive these credits or upgrades if you don’t ask.

#10 Contingencies

As with any home, you should always look into what contingencies you should add to your purchase contract. This will cover you as the buyer if you want/need to back out of the sale for a variety of reasons that pertain to the build, problems with construction, timing, etc.

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