Pricing Your Home How to price your home in Cypress and Houston home

Aside from making the decision to sell your home, the second most important decision you will make is pricing your home. When pricing a home within the Houston area it is vital that you take the current market into consideration. Cypress real estate could vary from Tomball real estate, and Tomball may vary from Houston, thus pricing your home according to your area is vital.

Hiring a great seller’s agent is key in aiding in properly pricing your home. When pricing a home, you want to ensure that it will provide these three things: 

  • Attract Buyers
  • Aid in a quick sale
  • Provide a profit

Selling your home with as little stress as possible is always ideal, however, that doesn’t’ mean you should avoid proper pricing practices. When pricing a home properly, you are automatically eliminating many stress factors that are involved with an overpriced listing. When pricing your home correctly you can expect:

  • Faster sale
  • More foot traffic and tours
  • Potential for multiple offers
  • Potential bidding wars or above listing offers
  • Higher profit margins
  • More Realtors® will respond to the listing

By improperly pricing your home you could unknowingly be deferring potential buyers. Buyers will schedule tours based primarily on pricing, with location, features and size following. While you may be tempted to overprice and thus allow yourself “wiggle room,” this could backfire and result in less or even no offers. In addition, overpricing could cause one if not more of the following:

  • A lack of tours and offers
  • Aiding in the sale of similar homes that are marketed at lower prices
  • Lack of urgency, prices that are not priced to sell will sit on the market far longer than homes that are
  • Pricing above an appraisal can cause rejected loans and delays in the buying process
  • Overpriced homes sit on the market for a long period of time, and thus often give the illusion that there is a problem with the home causing the extended time on the market

When deciding how to price your home, it is always recommended that you hire a seller’s agent that is knowledgeable of the current market rates within your specific area. Whether you are in the heart of Houston, or the outskirts of Cypress, a seller’s agent will assist you in pricing your home properly and efficiently allowing for your sale to be both successful and as stress-free as well as profitable.

Let us help you price your home right the first time!

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