Showing Your Home

When it is time to start showing your home, the way it is presented is vital in providing a successful, profitable, and quick sale. Try to highlight the best features of your home to provide potential buyers with a positive and lasting impression that could in turn, result in an offer.

Curb AppealShowing Your Home | Selling a Home in Northwest Houston/Cypress, TX

This is the first thing buyers will see upon arriving to your home so having it looks its best is vital. Here are a few tips to boost your curb appeal:

  • Sweep/Clean front entrance of debris
  • Pressure wash fences, gates, garage doors, and driveways
  • Either replace, paint, or re finish your front door
  • Give your landscaping a face lift with new plants, freshly cut grass, or lay new mulch/rock
  • Line driveways or flowerbeds with outdoor lighting, even during the day buyers will see the added feature

Clean and Upgrade

Your home should always be clean prior to showings. A dirty house could turn buyers away or result in a low-ball offer. Any small upgrades should also be made if they cause an eye sore or provide less than ideal functionality. Here are a few areas to focus on while cleaning and upgrading:

  • Windows and mirrors should be clean and streak free
  • Walls should have a fresh coat of a neutral toned paint
  • Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned or replaced
  • All hardware should be tightened and functional, no sticking drawers or doors
  • Add new caulking to bathtubs sinks and shower surrounds if discolored or peeling


Organization is key when it comes time to show your home. Any clutter or debris should be removed and packed away, Knick knacks, excess furniture, over stuffed closets, excessive décor, etc. should also be packed prior to showing your home. In addition, you should:

  • Stage your bathrooms, think of a hotel bathroom, hide half used bottles form the shower or countertops
  • Remove photos or magnets from the fridge
  • Clean inside the fridge in case buyers want to open it-you can even stock it with refreshments
  • Organize your pantry to highlight storage space, this can also be stocked with snacks
  • Remove additional countertop appliances to highlight counter space

Lighting and Presentation

A good home can be ruined without the right lighting so ensuring that your home is vibrant and bright is a must. You want to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere when tours are scheduled. Try following these tricks:

  • Open all blinds and drapes
  • Turn on all lights
  • Add additional table or floor lamps in darker rooms
  • Turn the radio on low to a soothing station
  • Bake cookies, the smell will make it feel homey
  • Add a fresh vase of flowers to the kitchen counter or dining room table
  • Open all the doors inside, no closed bedroom doors, this allows the home to feel more open and provides a good “flow” for the tours

By going through these check lists you can rest assured that showing your home will be a breeze. Whether your seller’s agent has scheduled open houses, or buyers request a tour, having your home tour ready at all times will help lessen the stress of selling your home and give you a better chance of receiving offers that are at or above asking price.


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